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Hotels.com (Expedia Inc.)

Visual Designer

As in-house designer I had an integral role in the creative output of their brand and social media channels. I was involved in a number of key project areas.

Social Media Design System
My role was to produce a “best practice” guide to its social media channels. Helping both internally and 3rd party agencies translate the new HCom brand across the all aspects of the production process from storyboarding to final ad placements.

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Download the Soical Media Design System

#Wewhotravel - Photo Sharing app
As part of the Hotels.com’s new branding the company felt that it was its own employees that truly typified its core brand values of loving travel and wanting to share their travel experiences with others.

One way to help promote this was to encourage employees to share their travel photos and travel experiences for both internally and on its social media channels. The hashtag #Wewhotravel was used to help build a community around these core values.

It was hoped that an app would be developed to order to help build a library of useable images, making monitoring and sharing the images an easier and more trusted process, as well as managing internal travel photography competitions etc.

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Digital content creation
I was responsible for a number of social media campaigns (inc. video editing, motion graphics and animation) for various social media ad campaign placements and story ads.

Print Ads
As part of my role I was invloved in a number print projects and press ads.

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