UX/UI Projects

Upfield Foods - UX / IA & Wireframing


Upfield is the largest plant-based consumer product company in the world. The company is the #1 producer of plant-based spreads globally, with iconic brands FLORA, RAMA, BLUE BAND, PROACTIV, BECEL, and COUNTRY CROCK.

#Wewhotravel - Photo Sharing App


As part of the Hotels.com’s new branding the company felt that it was its own employees that truly typified its core brand values of loving travel and wanting to share their travel experiences with others.

One way to help promote this was to encourage employees to share their travel photos and travel experiences for both internally and on its social media channels. The hashtag #Wewhotravel was used to help build a community around these core values.

Tradefair - Regisitration Process


For a variety of legal and tax reasons the registration process to set up a Tradefair account has to be both lengthy and is subject to a number of FSA restrictions. In order to simplify and streamline the process as much as possible (and not loss users) a number of UX principles were used in the design process of low and high fidelity wireframes and the final UI design.