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Betfair / Tradefair

Snr Designer/ UX Designer

Registration Redesign
For a variety of legal and tax reasons the registration process to set up a Tradefair account has to be both lengthy and is subject to a number of FSA restrictions. In order to simplify and streamline the process as much as possible (and not loss users) a number of UX principles were used in the design process of low and high fidelity wireframes and the final UI design.

Low Fidelity wireframes
I used low fidelity wireframes to help structure the input forms into groups, once the groups were established It was possible to create a breadcrumb graphic to allow the user to know where they are and where they are headed in the process.

Tradefair - low fi wireframes

High Fidelity wireframes
High fidelity wireframes were then made giving a one column layout for easy scannability, and allowing the team to look at labelling, a number of “optional’ inputs were removed, others were given “helper text” to help prompt users.

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Final Design Mock Ups
The breadcrumb graphic was created for the final designs as well as including the FCA notices and other brand touches.

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